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Web4students Introduction

The web4students Web space is a service provided by Montgomery College to you, as a currently enrolled student in a course that requires posting a substantial amount of your assignments to the Web. You will receive a user account ID and password from your instructor, and you are responsible for keeping the password a secret, since anyone with that information can change or erase any of the assignments you have already posted to the server. If you believe your password has been stolen, tell your instructor as soon as possible. Although your instructor cannot personally change your password, they can start the process to get it changed.

With your ID and password, you are allowed to store up to five megabytes of information on the college’s server, which is located at This site is publicly accessible, so your site can be viewed by anyone who has an Internet connection. Please don’t post any personal information beyond your name and an email address. Your site will likely be indexed by major search engines such as Google at some point in the semester, so don’t be surprised when your name starts appearing in these indexes. If you do not want your name appearing, you may want to discuss an appropriate pseudonym with your instructor to be used for your class assignments.

We recommend you FileZilla as your FTP software for your home PC. To install FileZilla software, you can go to and follow the procedures there.

You will be uploading to a Unix based operating system which is case sensitive, so some file links that work in a Windows environment, which is not case sensitive, may not work when uploaded due to capitalization errors in the links.

Any time you use the server, you are expected to abide by the college’s “Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources" policy. You are also expected to maintain your own backups of any files you post to the server. Your access to the server begins as soon as you are given your ID and password and ends the last day of final exams. The actual data files will remain posted until the third week of the following semester/session. If you want your data files removed before that time you need to contact your instructor and arrange for them to remove your files.

Good luck with your courses.

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