Maria Aronne
Professor of Mathematics
Montgomery College - Rockville Campus

MA 160 - Elementary Applied Calculus

                                                                                           Our Book's Power Point Presentations
                                                                                                          (Use to preview-review)

Daily Work
(check on a daily basis)
Record of attendance to tutoring/activities
Print - To drop one quiz grade at the end of the semester
Grade Record Form

Math XL Section - OPTIONAL
There will be two grading scales in the class. If you have a valid code from a prior semester (they last one year) you can register and play with it. If you do not have enough points at the end of the semester I will ignore your MathXL grade and use the other grading scale.
Getting Started with Mat XL (Power Point)
Math XL Student Handout
Math XL login page
Course name and code
Course name and code

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Print only the indicated documents
Cumulative Reviews
Final Exam Review
Print and use a separate paper to start working on this as soon as we cover the material in class.
Keep it in your binder as a separate document in the final review section
When the semester is over, you can re-do it many times before the day of your final exam

Professor Riseberg's Website
You may use her class' documents as extra practice (optional)