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Connections Between Physics and Mathematics

* A MATH 182 & PHYS 161 Fall 2014 Learning Community *

Only 24 seats available for Fall 2014

Register now for Fall 14 Online or In Person



MATH 182 (Calculus II)- 4 Credits

CRN 24484

10:30-11:55 am MWF

SC 459

PHYS 161 (Mechanics and Heat)- 3 Credits

CRN 24155

12-12:50 pm MWF

SC 459

PHYS 161D (Discussion)

CRN 24185

12-12:50 pm Th

SC 459

This is a natural pairing of two courses for students of science, engineering and mathematics. Special features:  

  • Coordinated presentation of content common to math and physics A challenging but supportive work environment
  • Problem-solving in collaborative groups
  • A shared experience with students taking the same courses you are
  • Increased interaction with instructors and fellow students
  • Greater understanding and retention of course content
  • Joint projects that earn credit in both math and physics

For more information, contact:

                                                Eugene Li, Professor of Physics,
                                           (240) 567-5232,

                                                Stephen Perencevich, Professor of Mathematics,
                                           (240) 567-4103,