Jobe Thomas

About Me

My name is Jobe Thomas. I'm 25 years old, Virgo in the zodiac calendar if that's your thing. Most of those years were spent in the midwest region of the United States. Born in ohio and raised in michigan, I relocated to the East Coast around 2014. During that time I lived in Philadelphia before coming to Maryland and returning to school.

In my free time, I spend a lot of it with my family. If not that, then I'm in my studio either playing games or working on creative projects/school work. When the weather is nice, I like taking hikes or going to the beach. I used to be really into disc golf, but haven't found much motivation after leaving Ohio.

As for gaming, I play on PS4 and PC. My all-time favorite game is Rocket League. Other than that, I love simulations. Flight, military, medical, law, ANY kind of simulation game. My current lineup of games in rotation of play are: Rocket League (obviously,) PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Squad, Rising Storm/2 and X-Plane 11.

I'm not much of a movie guy, or even tv for that matter. I'm the type of person that loves only a couple things and rewatches them to infinity. Futurama has always been on the top of the list and probably always will be. However, a series that recently came to me is Star Trek (I don't know how it took so long.)

I'm currently enrolled in Montgomery College in my 2nd semester for Computer Gaming & Simulation. I love the program so far and am very excited to acquire more skills to help prepare me for the workforce. Unfortunately, I don't plan to stay in Maryland after graduation, but rather move back to my birthstate of Ohio to Columbus. This has been a decision I've been contemplating for the last couple years and feel very good about my choice. Ideally, I will find a nice app development startup in Columbus.