Welcome to my Homepage!

Lilliana Family

My name is Lilliana Reyes. I am from El Paso, TX but I have permanently moved to Maryland. I am married and have two kids. I also have a Beagle named Wall-E.

I love the trees and all the water in this area of the country. El Paso is a dessert and there are not that many trees or water close by. Needless to say, I am in love with Maryland.

I was in the Navy for about 15 years, but decided to separate and start going to school. I was a Mass Communications Specialist Second Class (I know, long title). I loved the Navy, but it was hard to be away from my family. I am paying for college with the G.I. Bill so I want to take advantage of this great benefit and take as many courses as I can.

My major is Graphic Design. I am actually thinking about transferring since I am almost done with my Associates Degree.

I am taking this class to learn more about HTML because it is very necessary nowadays!

I am excited about the class. Can't wait to learn more about all of you!

Here are a few of my favorite things to do...

Here are a few of my favorite websites...

  1. Amazon
  2. Youtube
  3. Pinterest


  1. HW1:HTML Basics
  2. HW2:HTML
  3. HW3:Linking
  4. HW4:Image Basics
  5. HW5:Tables
  6. HW6:CSS Basics-Resume Redo