Cindy's Tech272 Homepage

Hi! My name is Cindy Mumford.

About Me

I've spent my career in development, administration and management of specialized accounting and management systems. A boring area, right? Not really, if you enjoy building software and large systems.

I'm taking this class for fun and personal growth. After spending so much time on larger systems built with teams, it's fun to do other things. I started my career programming in C -- even did a bit of Cobol and Fortran (horrors!) -- so this is just more fun.

I live in Columbia -- nice for outdoors activities, walking paths, open space. Too far away from DC, though, which is why we are considering moving.

Some of my favorite things:

Links to assignments for this class:

  1. HW 1:: HTML Homepage
  2. HW 2:: HTML Resume
  3. HW 3:: Linking
  4. HW 4:: Images and Linking
  5. HW 5:: Tables
  6. HW 6:: CSS Basics - Resume Redo
  7. HW 7:: Final Project - Wireframe and Sitemap

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