Sami's TECH 272 Homepage

Homework Assignments

  1. HW1: HTML Homepage
  2. HW2: HTML Resume
  3. HW3: Linking
  4. HW4: Places I Have Visited
  5. HW5: Table
  6. HW6: Resume Re-do
  7. HW7: Final Project

Samanta Moya Medina

A Graphic Design A.A.S. holder from Montgomery College. Applying for BFA programs this fall.

What I want to do

I previously took GDES 218: Graphic Design for the Web and fell in love with HTML/CSS for websites. I have trouble keeping this kind of information in my head, so I chose to take this class to help me re-learn the core concepts of HTML/CSS. I want to use these skills to make a website for myself, others, and potentially incorporate it into my career in the future.

I am currently interning for Refugees International in Washington D.C. and am delighted to help transparency surrounding the action taken or not taken by the United States' in order to save the lives of hundreds of thousands displaced people. I want to work for non-profits as a career by helping them develop their powerful messages with powerful visuals.

I go by the names:

  1. Sami
  2. Sam
  3. Samantha

Some other notes about me: