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A little About Me

Hello, and welcome to my homepage.I speak English, French and Swedish. I have traveled and lived all over the world. Some of the places I been to were: France, Sweden( my favorite of them all), Pretoria, South Africa and Kazahstan to name a few. I was also part of the Swedish chess champion with the school and won three consvertive years throughtout all of Sweden. I enjoyed traveling as each place brought its own unique amazing experiences and just being able to experiences other cultures as well. I love dogs and have two of my own. I am a Computer Science and Information System Technology Major.


Sites that I like to visit

  1. YouTube
  2. Play online Chess
  3. NHL
  4. ESPN

Homework Links

  1. HW1:HomePage
  2. HW2:Resume
  3. HW3:Links
  4. HW4:Images and Linking
  5. HW5:Table
  6. HW6:CSS Basic:: Resume Redo
  7. HW7:Mockup and Wireframe
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