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Mert Seremet

18 Prairie Landing Ct, North Potomac MD 20878




End up with a career related to technology, preferable Video Game Development or Animation


Thomas S. Wootton High School, Rockville MD 20850

High School Diploma

Montgomery College

Second Semester

Work Experience

Part-time pharmacist technician

I do stuff

I will further edit this once I know how to write a resume...

Five Things You Should Know About Me*

  1. I am a semi-perfectionist
  2. I do not enjoy gaming as much as I used to
  3. I enjoy being alone most of the time
  4. I enjoy birds.
  5. Steam sales are one of my financial weaknesses

1.) I like stuff neat when applicable (such as my code, folders, etc., but also enjoy the natural feel of unorganisation (I don't care if it's not a word it's literally 6AM), such as my desk or clothes-chair.

2.) Nothing feels as fun anymore as it did when I was younger. It seems I overthink everything nowadays, and simply cannot "enjoy" something without questioning why I should be enjoying this, when everything we do is simply a waste of time. There is literally nothing to be done in the world that would matter on a larger scale, especially since we only live once. Whatever we do is pointless. It's just a matter of how you waste that time.
In short, video games and the like are simply the least boring things to do and pass time with before I die.

3.) Yeah some of you reading this can probably relate. When people are around I feel very... "rushed," sort of. I enjoy being by myself (such as when I am home alone. Cozy and quiet). I especially enjoy it when I can be sure that nobody is even thinking about me (of course I can't be sure, but the feeling of it is enough). It's nice when I am 100% alone to myself, and basically a (unfortunately temporary) subtraction from the world.

4.) Birds smell good, taste good, feel good, sound good, and look good. Birds are amazing companions.

5.) I can't even imagine what a waste it would be if I died. A Steam account worth good money, with a lot of history behind it, simply gone...

*Subject to change without notice

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