Keland's Resume

Keland Golden

19117 Partridge Wood Dr.
Germantown, MD 20874


My name is Keland Golden and I am currently a part-time student at Montgomery college. I work part-time at Panera Bread.

Employment History

Safeway June '14 - February '15
Panera Bread February '15 - Present
Clarks October '16 - March '17

Hobbies and Interest

On my free time I enjoy making and writing music. I am also into creating (anything really). Mostly drawing. When I'm out and about I go to the mall and shop around for new gear. If I have money that is.


Digital Media and Web Technology Why this Major?

I chose this major because I enjoy working on computers and I am looking for a career that will allow me to be creative while making money at the same time.

Education History

Seneca Valley High School Class of '15
Montgomery College 2015-Present


Whatever job it is that I am presented to finish, I always shift my mindset into work mode. I am fast, efficient, and work well with people. I believe that communication and awareness is important. Creativity and originality is also something I tend to achieve in any situation it can be applied.