Oliva's TECH-272 HOMEPAGE!


This is my first homepage. My tech skills have leveled up. Mwahahaha! >:3

Seriously though, I'm taking this course cause i want to know more about the WWW, Html, CSS, and other tech stuff I can learn while I am here. For a bit I'll continue to try things out in a humorous manner cause why not have fun when learning.

Shout out to Tim Berners-Lee for his magnificent brain that allowed any of this to exist for me to learn in the first place.

Lol, this text is bold, but not as much as me, hehe ;)
  • Eveelution
  • American Idiot Musical Cover

    Ok so a list for stuff I like:

    1. Videogames
    2. Music
    3. Anime/Manga
    4. Making bad jokes and Puns
    5. Travelling
    6. Making new friends

    My Favorite Foods are:

      Favorite Websites

    1. YouTube
    2. Crunchyroll
    3. Addicting Games
    Links to:
    Homework 4
    Glossary Assignment
    Homework 5
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