Welcome to my first homepage!

Welcome to Kristy's first awesome web page.

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Hello everyone! My name is Kristy. I am currently in my last semester as student at Montgomery College. My major is Computer Gaming and Simulation. As of right now, I'm aspiring to be a background artist and animator! I love creating so I hope you look foward to the future of this website!

Kristy Castillo

We hope you enjoy the site.

Stay awesome for now!

Here are some of my favorite hobbies...

  1. I like to draw
  2. Read books
  3. Watch anime
  4. Play video games
  5. Listen to music

Here are some of my favorite websites

  1. YouTube
  2. Kingdom Hearts 2
  3. Lillie and Vulpix

My favorite foods are...


  1. HW2 : HTML Resume
  2. HW3 : Linking
  3. HW4 : Thumbnails
  4. HW5 : Table