Hello world! Eugenia says hi

About Me:

I am a General Ed student at Montgomery College, and I teach kids how to make things in my spare time. I like to make things (if it's craft related, I probably want to learn how to make it). I also enjoy getting beaten up (I'm not very good, but I've been doing martial arts for 13 years or so now) haha. Hopefully this class, TECH272, will teach me lots of things :D

I tend to make a lot of miniatures out of clay, usually of food, to compensate for my lack of ability to eat or make the food, so I often find pictures like this!

Cute peach cake!

I love going on craftster and other tutorial sites like instructable.

Where you can find my homeworks:

I'm beginning to comprehend why sparkly and rainbow text was so popular before (there's something very satisfying about it)