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About Me

Hi guys. I am Wang Hei. My major is Computer Gaming and Simulation. I am highly interested in video games and want to become a video game designer.

Here are some of my Favourite Games...

WITCHER3 GFO League of Legends

Also, I love listening music while I playing the games. Here are some of my Favourite Playlists..

Here are my homeworks and project.

  1. Homework 1 - Homepage
  2. Homework 2 - Resume
  3. Homework 3 - Five Tings You Should About Me
  4. Homework 4 - Favourite places that I have visited
  5. Homework 5 - My class Schedule
  6. Homework 6 - CSS Basics - Resume Redo
  7. Final Project Mock
  8. Final Project

Thank You for visiting my first website!