Hey what's up everyone welcome to my homepage for my TECH 272 Class


About me

Hi! My name is Juan Carlos Bustamante, but you can call me Juan. I am a Game and Simulation major. I have a fascination for video games and have always wanted to get into designing my own. I am taking this class as a requirement but I have found an interest in it since i started reading our textbook and looking at our Proffessor code, I must say it is really cool! I'm 25, happily married and have a 2 year old bouncing ball of energy of a daughter. I have a full time job as an Instructor/ Assistant manager at Kicks Karate in Rockville.

Here are a few of my hobbies

Here are a few of my favorite websites...

  1. Youtube
  2. Google
  3. Facebook

Here is a list of my hw assignments