Victor's TECH272 Homepage
Master Chief Locke

Hello and welcome to my website. As you can probably see it is currently under construction and does not have much on it so far; but worry not, for you will get an introduction of me and of what my website is so far.

About Me

Personal Things:

My name is Victor Orio.

As you can tell by the two images above, I am a gamer.

I'm 19 years old and soon to be 20.

I'm 6'6".

Things I Like:

I enjoy playing video games.

I like spending time with my friends; online and in real life.

I find creating/building/designing things to be fun. Either in a program on just by hand.

Websites that I Like Visiting:

Youtube is great for watching all kinds of videos.

I tend to visit 9gag to pass the time or to get a good laugh.

Wowhead is what i use to keep myself up-to-date with all the changes going on in World of Warcraft.

I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and with some relatives that are out of the country.

About My Website

It's Purpose:

It's main purpose is to get me a passing grade for this class.

It is also meant to look nice and catch the attention of whoever stumbles upon it.