Welcome to my plain of oblivion Mortal...

So you wish to know more about me? Very well...

This is me!


Homework for TECH272

I love gaming both competitive and casual.

  1. The Elder Scrolls Series (TESO Included)
  2. molagbal

    One of my favorite series! The whole page is a reference towards it. The image above is Molag Bal the deadric prince of domination and enslavement of mortals. In the series there are two types of gods, deadric princes are generally the evil gods, where as the nine divines are worshipped and generally good. Akatosh the father of dragons and god of time is my personal favorite divine.

  3. Minecraft
  4. minecraft

    Originaly i was hooked by the survival mode/multiplayer and player server games like factions, hunger games, block hunt. Then i got into modded minecraft. Modded minecratf can be anywhere from a enhancement of the original game or it can be completely different game that just has the graphics of minecraft. The reason why ilove this game is it's enjoyable and the code can can be tweaked to make it a hold new game because its open platform. (Sorry console crafters :P)

  5. Battlefield
  6. battlefield

    Time to squad up for this one. If your from CoD expect a lot of rage quitting and your butt to be kicked, your "360 no scope" bs doesn't work here. This is one of those games where being a lone wolf doesn't fly and teamwork is the only way to win. KDR is put on the backburner while win ratio is king. This is war so bring your tanks, attack helos, jets, and your common sense. There are four class they generally dont change (until the ww1 came out) Assault is responcible for health and keeping you alive, Engineer is responcible for repairing your teams vehicles while being the biggest pain in the butt to your enemies by destroying them with exposives or iod bots etc. Support is what makes the world go around their responcible to keep your team stocked with ammo and trust me you will run out. Lastly is recon these are the guys the spot where all the enemies are on the map and generally watch your 6.

  7. Forza Horizon
  8. Forza

    While this wasn't my first racing game it is my favorite by far! The story is you're a newcomer to the horizon festival, a festival dedicated to music and of course RACING! You race your way up to the top to face the horizon champion and claim his crown!