What's Up, This is Liam's first home page.

Hope you enjoy the Site, it is a work in progress but hopefully it will improve as the class goes one. Bellow are links to my Homework.

Some Stuff about moi

Obviously i do partake in the act of playing the video games. A couple favorites of mine include...

  1. Xmen Legends 2
  2. Not that the first one is bad per say but the second one I think is more enjoyable. Of all the comic book super heros and groups that are out there, my favorite has always been the X-men. This game happens to capture the uniqueness of the group witch can be seen in the variety of playable characters, locals that must be explored, and even the main antagonist who is an increadibly interesting character on his own.

  3. Ratchet and Clank
  4. Any of them are great, including the remakes but the first three games have a bit more of a challenge to them. Personally I like the future series which is the second trilogy, and i love a Crack in time the most due to its colorful and fantastic locals, wide variety of fun weapons that cn be upgraded. And i love Ratchet and Clank as characters. The story is deep and gets heavy at points which is always a plus to me.

  5. Darksiders 2
  6. This is like... I don't have a proper way to discus my love for this game but it's a severly underated game that is all kinds of fun to me

  7. Bloodborne
  8. Because I'm not a communist and i enjoy a challenge, i felt it would be necesary to put one of the Souls games in the list. What a beautifuly horrifying game. As you struggle your way through the games hard difficulty you can see nightmarish creatures and locations that are inspired by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and have been beautiful rendered and mage for the PS4.