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Archive of Archaeology Lesson Plans

Welcome to the Maryland Archive of Archaeology Lesson Plans. This page was made to provide a resource for educators who want to use archaeology to engage their students in lessons about culture, history, language, art, science and a multitude of other disciplines and topics. All lesson plans on this page work with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Curriculum Standards.

Archaeology Introduction Archaeology of Dowden's Ordinary
Archaeology & Maryland Prehistory
Art & Archaeology
Health & Physical Education
Maynard Burgess House Archaeology Curriculum Module
    Maynard Burgess House Archaeology Curriculum Module Images

    The Maynard Burgess House Site was excavated by the Department of Anthropology, Univeristy of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. The photographs from this site are compliments of the Department.

    This archaeology curriculum module was created by Tara L. Tetrault (Copyright 1995; 2001) and is based on an excavation of a free African American household in Annapolis, Maryland (completed by the University of Maryland in College Park). Teachers use the module to engage children in interpreting the past by completing activities that mimic the kinds of things archaeologists did on the site. Students analyze the history, identify objects that represent the artifacts found at the site and learn to interpret some data found on the site. This module teaches students something about archaeology, African American culture, as well as material culture. This exercises enables students to participate in the scientific investigation and the interpretation process that archaeologists use in the field and laboratory.

    Order the Maynard Burgess House Archaeology Curriculum Module
Native American Archaeology and Nature
Social Studies
Teaching Reading & Writing
Understanding Archaeology and Artifacts

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Teachers contributing lessons to the archive received Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits or funding through a grant with the National Endowment for the Humanities. If you have an idea for a new archaeology lesson plan and you would like to see it on the Archive of Archaeology Lesson Plans you can earn CPD credits by submitting an application & payment for review of the lesson plan to